1. Research: Product requirements (Nov - Dec 2021)
  2. Publish: Project Catalyst Fund 7 proposal (Nov 2021)
  3. Community: Outreach and concept validation (Jan - March 2022)
  4. Research: land registration processes and systems, real estate law, land commission procedures, digital evidence requirements, decentralized identifier tools, mapping tools, eUTXO NFT minting, tokenomics, Progressive Web App development (Jan - March 2022)
  5. Use case stories: land title registration, land sale, title transfer, zoning and sub-division
  6. Design: User interface mockups for the mobile DApp
  7. Design: Integration with Orcfax IPFS-based off-chain records storage
  8. Design: System architecture
  9. Publish: Landano whitepaper v1
  10. Development:  Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for tokenized cadastre map
  11. Development: Mobile DApp MVP
  12. Development: NFT minting and off-chain recordkeeping MVP
  13. Development: Decentralized identifier integration MVP
  14. Development: Fully-integrated Landano MVP launched on Cardano Testnet
  15. Pilot project: Five Ghana properties registered on Landano
  16. Publish: Implementing Landano in Kenya research paper
  17. Publish: Landano and “heir’s property laws” research paper
  18. Design: Tokenomics and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  19. Development: Cardano DApp certification
  20. Publish: Landano whitepaper v2
  21. Community: Landano Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO)
  22. Community: Landano Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  23. Community: Landano launch on Cardano mainnet and DAO operational
  24. Community: Pilot projects in Kenya, Illinois, and/or elsewhere.