Co-founder: Peter Van Garderen

Peter is a professional archivist and a world-renowned expert in the field of digital records management. He is the founder of the industry-leading Archivematica and AccessToMemory open-source software projects which are used by hundreds of government agencies and memory institutions worldwide to preserve access to trustworthy digital archives.

Peter worked on several international development projects early in his career and was inspired when the economist Hernando De Soto 's book "The Mystery of Capitalism" began to be debated in these circles. He has thought often about its core thesis since then; the idea that impoverished people remain so largely because they can't register the title on their legally-owned property. This documentation problem is tailor-made for an archives-based solution which Peter is highly qualified and keen to deliver via the Landano project.

Peter is also the lead developer of the Project Catalyst Fund 6 project Orcfax which is developing a trustworthy Cardano oracle using "proofs-of-fact" based on academic record-keeping research. Peter will introduce the Orcfax decentralized record-keeping components for use in Landano's legally-compliant records management infrastructure.

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Co-founder: Dorus Van Der Kroft

Dorus is a full stack developer with over twenty years of industry experience delivering projects from start to finish for both start-ups and large enterprises. His broad set of technical skills spans from coding to technical design, to functional design and requirements analysis. He's also received training in the fields of testing and deployment.

Dorus is an expert consultant for the Mendix "low code" platform and he is looking forward to implementing this agile development tool to deliver the Landano mobile app MVP.

Dorus was based in Ghana for a year during his early years in software development. It was then when he saw first-hand the atrocities of a non-functional land registry system. He is looking forward to putting forward his knowledge and experience to bring prosperity to the unbanked.

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Community Ambassador: Nana Safo

Nana is the University Ambassador for Wada and the Blockchain Education Network (BEN) in Accra, Ghana. Amongst his responsibilities are delivering workshops to explain Cardano blockchain technology to newcomers. His presentations are grounded in a deep knowledge of Ghanian history and culture for which he is an eloquent advocate.

Nana has witnessed first-hand the tragic and sometimes violent effects of expensive, mismanaged, and corruptible land registry processes in Ghana. He is optimistic that Landano provides a significant step towards a more equitable and accessible alternative.

Nana is Landano's community ambassador in Ghana. His responsibilities include leading user requirements workshops, coordinating land commission and legal professional contacts, Wada collaboration, enrolling pilot project implementers, and managing field testing.

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Researcher: Dr. Shadrack Katuu

Shadrack has over two decades experience working as a digital records management expert throughout the world and the African continent. This includes several agencies within the United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations.

Shadrack is a much sought after consultant and published author in the field of electronic record-keeping. He is based out of Nairobi, Kenya which is widely recognized as the African hub for fintech and mobile money initiatives.

Shadrack will be researching and providing guidance on the findings of Landano's initial Ghana-based pilot projects and comparing it to issues and opportunities for the Landano solution in the Kenyan context.

Researcher: Derek Drew

Derek has significant experience working with local governments in the state of Illinois as a community innovator, municipalism advocate, and blockchain evangelist. He holds a Graduate Degree in Communications from Illinois State University. His Chicago-based startup Plasia is seeking to empower the local African-American community via communal ownership initiatives.

Derek's own family has been affected by an arcane legal loophole called "heir's property" that has resulted in wealthy developers taking ownership of land that otherwise belongs to descendants of freed American slaves. Derek will be researching how the findings of the Landano's initial Ghana-based pilot projects can inform a Landano based solution to this rampant problem in his home state of Illinois and then elsewhere in the U.S.